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Hello IC!

I’m excited to finally have something to contribute to the project after watching from the sidelines for many moons.

These images were taken on my first ever dives during an annual coral spawning event, in 2022 on the Great Barrier Reef where I work for a coral restoration organisation.


A few days after the November full moon and once the sun has set, the corals of the Great Barrier Reef simultaneously begin to release their millions of egg & sperm bundles into the water column where they meet, fertilise, float around as larvae for a few days, and then settle at a new location to begin their life as a sessile organism.

The foundation I work for had the first permits granted to operate coral nurseries within the GBR Marine Park and after 4 years of hard work, the corals grown in our underwater nurseries and planted back on the reef (pictured) began to spawn, indicating that they are sexually viable and can contribute to the ongoing vitality of the reef as nature intended, by reproducing naturally at a rate we could never match growing and planting individual colonies by hand.

This annual, synchronised release of gametes is the largest reproductive event on the planet, and gives hope to those of us who work to restore and protect reefs for the future. It was unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed and to be in the water with my colleagues who planted these very corals as small fragments, to see them spawn after just a few years was overwhelmingly emotional and validates the hard work that has gone into the program.

Camera used: Nikonos V with Sea&Sea 20mm f2.8 lens and Sea&Sea Yellow Sub 50 Strobe.
Film type: 
Kodak Ektar 100
Where: Fitzroy Island, Great Barrier Reef
When: August, 2023

Instagram: @fieldnotesfromthefarnorth, on the job for @reef_restoration_foundation /

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