Indisposable Exhibition – Warehouse No.5



Indisposable Exhibition
Warehouse No. 5 – Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast. AUS. 2 Dec 2016.


[in-di-spos-suh-buh l]

Of or pertaining to something that is not disposable; something that one can not do without.

A journey through the Indisposable Concept.


The exhibition

Indisposable Concept is a Gold Coast-based creative initiative that has inspired a global community of humans. Real people capturing real life on disposable cameras whilst embracing the raw art of ‘the moment’ in its purest form with one single click.

IC encourages people to Connect + Collab + Create by shooting a roll on a disposable camera and sharing your world with the IC community.

To date 2,700 rolls have been shot, creating 70,000 unique moments from all corners that have been shared with a thriving community that continues to grow and diversify.

Celebrating four years of the IC project in a fun and creative atmosphere, the exhibition will take you through the IC journey via a range of mediums.

• Hear from IC Founder, Stuart Champan discussing the vision behind the movement, what happens behind the scenes, its new venture as a magazine and the subcultures that are forming because of it.

• Offical launch of ISSUE THREE of the IC Magazine.

• A visual display of the various cameras and letters that have been contributed to the project.

• Interactive art installations, including the Selfie Corner: a visual display of the modern day selfie phenomenon with an analogue twist.

• Live music from Gold Coast Music Awards Song of the Year Winner 2016 – Ella Fence.

• Drinks and food trucks.

• PLUS lucky doors prizes and giveaways and a camera birthday cake!

Support a local initiative that’s gone global and be a part of the community gathering of like-minded people and creative enthusiasts whilst celebrating the resurgence of film photography and the overall analogue renaissance.


Images from Captured – The Weekend Edition by Alex May

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