What is Indisposable Concept

Humans of Planet Earth. Capturing life on film, one roll at a time.
Est. 2012. 3650+ rolls contributed to the project so far.

Download our INFO PACK for everything you need to know. We hope to share your stories soon.

Contact us to get involved:

See more:
instagram.com/indisposableconcept @indisposableconcept #indisposableconcept
twitter.com/iconcept_ @iconcept_

One thought on “What is Indisposable Concept

  1. Hello, I would like to participate !! Within 3 weeks I travel to Budapest, Bratislava and Prague. And I’d like to participate so you can see the pictures my way of seeing the world and girders camera as I do enjoy having the opportunity to share my work to enjoy the work of others and you to do the work of photographers from more accessible , around the world! I love photography and luckily I fart devote her enjoy what I do. Thank you very much

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