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Welcome to Indisposable Concept. Everything you need is in the INFO PACK (located above). Download, print and read through it to find out more.


Please read below a few things to consider whilst contributing to the project. You can also find out a bit more from the Ts+Cs+FAQ section.

( 1 )
Download, print and read through the IC Info Pack to familiarise yourself with the world of Indisposable Concept.

( 2 )
Use your disposable camera to shoot photos of the world around you. (All rolls and contributions must be shot with a disposable camera).  Capture things in your life that tell a story – your journey to work, your cooking class at night, the trip to the supermarket, your dog, your kids, your road trip or holiday. Capture anything and everything that you perceive as unique to your world and want to share with the IC family. It’s totally up to you to capture the world you live in. It’s your interpretation.

( 3 )
You have 1 roll of film (from a disposable camera), 24(ish) shots and roughly 1 week to work with. It’s ok if your disposable has more than 24 exposures and the roll takes longer then a week to complete. Don’t get too caught up in the technicalities. Just have fun!

(The 1 roll of film, 24 shots and 1 week platform is only a rough guide to work within. Just have fun and enjoy the process of playing with film. You can shoot the roll in an hour or a day or take a month to complete it, we’re not too worried about the technicalities when it comes to time frame. We just want you to get creative and acknowledge the world you live in and share it with us). You must shoot the roll with a disposable camera.

( 4 )
One of the photos you take on the roll must be a selfie.

( 5 )
You must take all the shots yourself or direct someone to take the shot. This is your view of the world.

( 6 )
We do not process rolls anymore. To contribute to the project you must get the film developed yourself and email the digital files to us (available on disk when you get them processed) to or use to transfer the files to us.

( 7 )
Don’t hesitate to contact us at any stage via email or facebook. We want to make this experience as fun and easy as possible. Contact details are located on the About section of the site.



Indisposable Concept is a non-profit organisation that aspires to build a community of unique individuals that aim to collectively share and communicate various social findings primarily through the medium of photography and film with a willingness to share the indisposable world around them. The project is open to everyone from all walks of life and we encourage all to participate. To help with the cost of producing the project we appreciate any contributors willing to consider purchasing the required disposable camera with film to carry out the process and getting the film developed themselves.

We do not offer free processing of film anymore. To contribute to the project you must email a digital copy of your photos through to us at

We will process your photos and feature your stories on as well as and

Thanks for your consideration and support in shaping Indisposable Concept with us, your involvement and interest is the heart and soul of the project.

2 thoughts on “Get Involved

  1. Hello! I would really like to purchase one of the “shoot film not bullets” shirts however I can’t find them anywhere! Are they for sale still?

    Thank you,

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