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The IC crew is super excited to collab with the wonderful team at The One Love Project, a grass-roots, creative organisation, providing education, health and opportunity to the underprivileged street children of Pushkar.

Coming from a photography background its something we have always wanted to teach the children. Their obsession with cameras knows no end. Every time a tourist or volunteer enters their world the first thing the children want is to play with their cameras. It’s something so alien to their everyday life but has been thrust in their faces since being children on the street and so now is a daily part of their life.

We gave each child a disposable camera, and taking influence from the Oscar award winning documentary ‘Born into Brothels‘, we then asked the children to capture life in the camp through their eyes.

We let the children take the cameras away and didn’t guide them or influence them in any way, that way we felt we would get their genuine view of home life. For us, giving the children camera’s was about empowering them to use their own creative voice, to be able to express themselves fully without any restrictions put on them. Their lives have had so many external pressures from such a young age that we felt they needed a time to no worry about anything else except an art form.

I think we all deserve a chance to be able to be alone with our creativity, no matter who you are or where you are from, everyone needs to express themselves, and by giving them the simple task of taking photo’s they have been allowed to see their own world in a new light, as well as making us all see what they value, cherish and find beautiful in their own day to day lives.

The children are so used to always having camera’s pointed at them and being objectified by tourist eye’s that to give them the power back into their own hands by being on the other side of the camera is something I think they would have never had before, and also something that might make them understand and appreciate their own environment a bit better. If nothing else, it gives them that power back, that we might all take for granted on a day to day basis, the power to create and save memories in the photographic form forever.

With these photo’s we plan to make an exhibition of the best shots, as well as a book and post cards which will be on sale on our website. All the money raised from this will then be given back to the children to continue their learning and help with their schooling.

The program is just getting off the ground and will be continued in more detail later on in the year and are really proud of what the children have achieved with their shots.

Project Manager Sylvie Gianella.
Words by Tom Usher for The One Love Family.

Click on the links below to see the various rolls that have been shot.

Roll 1 – The One Love Project featuring Morely
Roll 2 – The One Love Project featuring Poonam
Roll 3 – The One Love Project featuring Pardeep
Roll 4 – The One Love Project featuring Rohit
Roll 5 – The One Love Project featuring Samir

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