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Welcome to Indisposable Concept.

Everything you need is in the Indisposable Concept INFO PACK (hit the link below). Download, print and read through it to find out more about the project and how to get involved.


Please read below a few things to consider in relation to contributing to the IC project.

( 1 )
Download, print and read through the Indisposable Concept Info Pack to familiarise yourself with the world of Indisposable Concept.

( 2 )
Use your film camera to shoot photos of the world around you. (All rolls and contributions must be shot with a film camera). Capture things in your life that tell a story – your journey to work, your cooking class at night, your trip to the supermarket, your dog, your kids, your road trip or holiday. Capture anything and everything that you perceive as unique to your world and want to share with the IC family. It’s totally up to you to capture the world you live in. It’s your interpretation.

( 3 )
You have 1 roll of film (from a film camera), 24(ish) shots and roughly 1 week to work with. It’s ok if your roll of film has more than 24 exposures and the roll takes longer then a week to complete. Don’t get too caught up in the technicalities. Just have fun!

Please submit the complete roll to us so we can create your online gallery at Do not send us selects from the roll. We do not feature individual photos that are sent through to us and do not share photos on social media via a hashtag system. We pride ourselves on the process and featuring complete rolls to show the entire scope of a roll, not just hero shots.

The 1 roll of film, 24 shots and 1 week platform is only a rough guide to work within. Just have fun and enjoy the process of playing with film. You can shoot the roll in an hour or a day or take a month to complete it, we’re not too worried about the technicalities when it comes to time frame. We just want you to get creative and acknowledge the world you live in and share it with the IC fam.

( 4 )
One of the photos you take on the roll must be a selfie.

( 5 )
You must take all the shots yourself or direct someone to take the shot. This is your view of the world.

( 6 )
Please provide us with your details when you send through your photos. Details we require are:
– Age
– Location (where the roll was shot)
– Instagram / Website details (Include any online details you’d like to feature with your roll)
– Type of film camera used
– Type of film used

( 7 )
To contribute to the project you must get your roll of film developed yourself and send the digital files to us (available on disk or as digital files when you get the film processed by a film lab of your choice). Please send your files to via

Please email us at if you have any thoughts or questions you’d like to share with us. We will not accept rolls sent to to us as photos attached to emails. Please send complete rolls to us via which is free and easy to use. This makes our life easier then downloading and processing rolls.

( 8 )
Don’t hesitate to contact us at any stage via email if you have any questions or would like clarification on anything. We want to make this experience as fun and easy as possible.

Contact details are located on the About section of the site.



Indisposable Concept is a non-profit organisation that aspires to build a community of unique individuals that aim to collectively share and communicate various social findings primarily through the medium of photography and film with a willingness to share the indisposable world around them. The project is open to everyone from all walks of life and we encourage all to participate.

We will process your photos and feature your stories on as well as and

Thanks for your consideration and support in shaping Indisposable Concept with us, your involvement and enthusiasm for film and life is the heart and soul of the project.


For more information please refer to the Indisposable Concept Info Pack.

20 thoughts on “Instructions / Info Pack

  1. You liked one of my Instagram photos I took with a disposable camera and so I eventually ended up here extremely interested in participating! My only question is do I just go to the store and buy a camera then mail it to you in a week or do I let you know when I’m starting/sign up or anything? This project is so cool and I’m really excited to participate! Thanks, Taylor

    • Hey Taylor,thanks so much for getting in contact with us, stoked to hear you want to get involved and shoot a roll! We can’t wait to see what you capture from the unique world you live in. Your week starts whenever you choose, you don’t need to sign up but feel free to email us at if yo’d like to let us know how the process is going or if you have any questions along the way. You can either post the camera to us or email the digital files through when you get the film developed. Whatever suits you. We’re excited to see what you come back with, be in touch with you soon. Cheers, Indisposable Team 🙂

    • Hey Jim,
      Thanks for stopping by and getting in touch! Totally fine to use a B+W Disposable Camera. We’ve had a guy Joey, contribute a B+W roll and it looks incredible. Can’t wait to see what you capture from the world around you and share it with the Indisposable community. Have a great day! Cheers 🙂

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  3. Hi, I’m really excited to start this, it’s such a good idea! Just wondering, if I send you the disposable camera and not the digital version will I get the photos back? Thanks xxx

    • Hi Catherine, great to hear from you, thanks for getting in touch! We’re excited to have you on board. If you send us the camera we will develop and process the film from this end and can send you the digital files so you can print and have a copy for yourself.

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  5. This is awesome. I’m definitely participating. I recently found a live for photography and as I am going away for a week it would be the perfect opportunity to contribute. I’m can’t wait!

  6. Hi, I am truly interested in what you guys are doing! I have a question. I have one film roll developed which is taken by a disposable camera, but it doesn’t have any selfie. Can’t I start with this roll to join with you?

  7. Hey i love all the photos i see and have been a follower of the project since the beginning and want to get involved but i dont shoot disposable but film cameras, i was wondering if its possible to become a part of the project using normal rolls of film not just from disposable cameras? 🙂

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  9. Hey,
    in two weeks i’m going on an exchange program to Germany for a week. can I use the chance to take part in the project or do I need to shoot from my own country?
    thank you so much, i’m looking forward to try this.

  10. I love this concept and I really want to get involved! My question is though, do you have to shoot with a disposable camera or can you put a roll through a normal film camera and send it in?

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