The IC crew is stoked to team up with the very awesome crew at Rotten Rascals.

Thanks for sharing your creativity with the IC family and allowing us to share the Rotten Rascals journey.

ROTTEN RASCALS is a youth culture establishment focused on showcasing the creative flair of the ‘rascals’ amongst society, those with ‘more ideas than brains’.

With the ever growing amount of talent over populating social media, it is hard to become recognised for the skills you have. Understanding this,ROTTEN RASCALS mission is to discover young talent and place them in the spotlight by exposing ones work on our social media and online platforms.

ROTTEN RASCALS also looks to shoot and collaborate with other creative like minded people, labels, models, magazines etc. By delivering our clients with a simplistically pleasing style of film and digital photography; ROTTEN RASCALS aims to inspire a sense of freedom, mischief, youth and adventure through what we do. With our creative mindset we seek to spark ideas amongst those we collaborate with!

With ‘more ideas than brains’ we are the ROTTEN RASCALS.

Click on the links below to see what they’ve been up to and the various rolls that have been shot:

Roll 1 – Big Pineapple Music Festival and various locations around Noosa, QLD. AUS
Roll 2 – Splendour, 2016
Roll 3 – Various locations Sunshine Coast, Listen Out Music Festival and Brisbane, QLD. AUS
Roll 4 – Various locations Sunshine Coast, QLD. AUS
Roll 5 – Various locations Sunshine Coast, including Originals Music Festival.  QLD. AUS
Roll 6 – Various locations Sydney including Monster Children Annual Photo Comp Party. Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. AUS
Roll 7 – Various locations – Sunshine Coast to Sydney. AUS
Roll 8 – Various locations – Melbourne, VIC. AUS
Roll 9 – Various locations – Sydney, NSW. AUS
Roll 10 – Various locations – Sydney, NSW. AUS
Roll 11 – Splendour In The Grasss, NSW. AUS
Roll 12 – Splendour In The Grasss, NSW; Cabarita Beach and Sunshine Coast. AUS
Roll 13 – Various locations Sunshine Coast, QLD. AUS
Roll 14 – Various locations, Sunshine Coast to Sydney, AUS
Roll 15 – Various locations, Sydney, NSW, AUS
Roll 16 – Various locations, Sydney, NSW, AUS