Ts + Cs + FAQ

Individuals are invited to participate in the indisposable Concept project. Individuals are also welcome to get involved and contribute by their own free will. This is not a competition. There will be no cash or prize giveaway. Indisposable Concept is a social collaboration to gain insight into various peoples lives and what they perceive as important and impactful on their daily lives, big and small. We aim to build a community through diversity and a willingness to contribute.

By contributing your images you agree to Indisposable Concept using these images throughout both our print and online channels. As well, all corresponding sponsors of sections have the right to use your images via their online channels for promotion of related projects. People from all over the world are welcome to contribute and everyone is encouraged to get involved and participate if they would like to take part. This is an open forum for everyone to be involved regardless of age or background.

Indisposable Concept has final say on how, where and when the images are used. Indisposable Concept owns all rights to the photos contributed to the project and does not allow any photos to be used or reproduced in any form by external parties without consent.

Indisposable Concept does not seek to profit from your photographic and creative contributions but any funds raised in accordance with promoting the concept will go back into developing and growing the project.

Contact us to get involved:

See more:
instagram.com/indisposableconcept @indisposableconcept #indisposableconcept
twitter.com/iconcept_ @iconcept_


We thought we’d try and clarify a few things and make it possible for everyone to be involved and understand the various parts of the concept as well as possible. Please see below. Let us know if we’ve missed anything, if there’s anything that doesn’t make sense or other info you’d like to know. We will try to shed some light where we can.

Q. Is it free to do?
A. Yes it is. However we would gratefully accept any donations. Please contact us at indisposableconcept@gmail.com for details. We do encourage the purchase of your own disposable camera which costs between $5-$15 AUS.

Q. Can I shoot on my digital camera?
A. Indisposable Concept is a FILM only concept, no digital photos please and DISPOSABLE CAMERAS only. All photos must be shot using a disposable camera.

Q. Can anyone do this?
A. Indisposable Concept is open to everyone to contribute.

Q. Can I contribute multiple rolls?
A. You can shoot and contribute as many rolls as you like.

Q. How long do I get to take all the photos?
A. You have 1 roll of film, 24 shots and 1 week to work with. You have a week to capture your moments and share your stories but timelines are flexible so don’t stress if you take longer then a week to complete the roll. Majority of disposables have 27 exposures which is totally fine also. (The 1 roll of film, 24 shots and 1 week platform is only a rough guide to work within. Just have fun and enjoy the process of playing with film.)

Q. Where can I see my photos once they are developed?
A. We post all the photos on our website; indisposableconcept.com We encourage people to comment on each photo and share the story behind each moment with us. We will then feature your words on the site and Facebook coinciding with the photos that you have captured on your roll.

Q. Do I need to use a specific kind of disposable camera?
A. Not necessarily. Any disposable camera is fine to use. The quality is very similar across the board but if you can get one with 27 exposures and a high ISO of about 800 than it makes the process a bit easier and gives you more opportunities to snap that perfect moment.

Q. I am not living in Australia; can I still contribute?
A. Indisposable Concept is open to anyone and everyone that calls planet earth home.

Q. Is there anything I need to know before I start capturing the world around me?
A. Please download the IC INFO PACK before you start to find out more about the project and what’s involved. It provides a description of the project and a few things to keep in mind. It is located at the top of the INSTRUCTIONS page https://indisposableconcept.com/instructions/. You can save and/or print this so you can get started on your Indisposable week.

We want to be your friend and our door is always open. If you’ve got any ideas or would like to contribute or work with us than please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to talking with you soon. Thanks for your support and awesomeness!

Much love,

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