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Dear IC team!

I have a new roll for you, my first b/w film since.… — five years or so? It was the cheapest I could find at the drugstore, AgfaPhoto APX 100.

This roll is from last summer. Me and my best friend got heavily obsessed with Turkish music and therefore went on a roadtrip to Turkey in order to find some real treasures on vinyl. One of our best finds was this record by Osman İşmen and his band:

However, we totally underestimated the size of this huge country. Instead of driving east to the Armenian border and further we only made it to the south-west of Turkey where we stayed at a hidden bay for over one month and enjoyed the solitude. And of course our old VW bus broke down several times during the journey: On our way back to Germany even the motor cooling stopped working, forcing us to give the car a break every ten minutes and let it cool down.

On this roll I captured mainly Soviet architecture in the Balkans, some places in Turkey and incredible Pamukkale with its snow-white limestone terraces, a very surreal place which looks even more obscure in black and white. I shot with my beloved Olympus Mju II which hardly ever lets me down. Only shooting through glass and mirror is something the camera’s infrared sensor can’t handle, resulting in blurry pictures completely out of focus. That’s also the reason why there’s no selfie this time.

Regarding the photos I don’t know why I always held onto color film so firmly. In black and white everything looks very mystical and I’m really amazed by all those different shades of grey. Not my last b/w film for sure.

Much love from Augsburg, Germany,
Laura D

Camera used: Olympus Mju II
Film type:
AgfaPhoto APX 100
Where: Balkans, Turkey and Pamukkale
When: January, 2020

Instagram: @temporaere

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