Kamil K – Roll 2

Indisposable Concept gallery featuring Kamil K.

Camera used: Old ussr Zenit 12xp
Film type:
Where: Rosochaty Róg
, Poland
When: March, 2018

Instagram: instagram.com/kamil.kievel

Hi there.

This is my second roll. The last one was about friendship, this one is more about being in love. These photographs has been taken somewhere in the northern part of Poland, near Wigry lake. We spent one week with our friends there, creating, talking, learning from each other. We were the youngest kids there, there was an ex-philosophy professor, living in polygamic relationship, pair from London – the photographer and the theater actress, my friend from Poznan – the best film developer I know, and one more pair – who are like my teachers for most of the time – they had been teaching me classic photography techniques when we first met. The variety of people in all ages who are like friends to each other Is what I remember when I’m recalling that week.

So, the plan was to create something during our meeting there. Each one of us had film camera, big format we could use etc. and no particular concept in mind.

We created these photographs on our last day there. Until the last sunset, we haven’t done anything coherent. Angie is standing on the frozen lake, just before the sun setting down. She’s my girlfriend. We know each other for over 7 years, and felt in love about 5 years ago. Since then we had a lot of magnifique moments, ups and downs, worth remembering situations, common memories important just for two of us, two break-ups, a lot of confrontations and even more passionate moments. We are connected in indescribable way. Being in love with her is like listening to your favorite sad song in the radio, the smell of gasoline, it’s like recalling good memories from your childhood you want to get back to, and living the life with children’s imagination. It’s like being silly, confident, calm. But when I think about love it’s also like blend of happiness and sadness with a lot of space for sentiments. I wanted to capture the moment, saving the atmosphere of this place and time for the future.

Listen to Alexandra Savior when you want to feel like me being in love,


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