Kamil K – Roll 1

Indisposable Concept gallery featuring Kamil K.

Camera used: Disposable Camera
Film type:
Where: Dymaczewo Stare, Poland
When: May, 2018

Instagram: instagram.com/kamil.kievel

So, my name is Kamil.

I’m sending you my first roll I would like to show you here. The scenes I photograph come from the weekend I spent with my best friends (2/4 to be honest). We know each other for almost 16 years, since we are 20’s It’s a big deal. We have went through everything that could happen to young men together. First loves, breakups, all of that stuff. Since we are old now (some might say) adulthood is somewhere near, we feel it.

When we spend time together, the talking is the most important thing, we all dreamers so there is a lot of sentimental stuff around. I met Kris, my first friend in the kindergarten – love for fantasy books, our imagination had connected us. Szymon(1), Michał, Adam(2) came some time after that. We were all somehow similar to each other at the beginning. Over the years we have changed, we gained some life experience, we have found different hobbies and all, but still, the friendship last, and it is so eventful realtionship lately.
We drove all the way to the final destination (like 20kms’s) in the rain, without any light source on our bikes (or some weak ones). Probably normal people would find it annoying and uncomfortable, but for us It was something like reunion. We felt like a kids one more time!

Sorry for my English, I’m not native.

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