Sarah N – Roll 9

Indisposable Concept gallery featuring Sarah N. Shot with a Disposable Camera.

Age: N/A
Where: Great Ocean Road. VIC. AUS
When: May, 2018


Hey there,

First of all, sorry its been so long since my last submission. I found myself caught up in the busies of life and work, forgetting the simplicity of creativity I so often enjoyed about disposable photography. Someone gifted me this B&W disposable camera a while back and it wasn’t until i was packing for a road trip along the Great Ocean Road that i rediscovered it.

Different to my past disposable encounters, I wanted to capture the beauty in landscapes and minimalistic environments. I found this B&W disposable perfect in this quest to effortlessly replicate my visions. And since having it developed, I’ve been re-exposed to the ease and beautiful simplicity of disposable cameras i had so comfortably lost touch with over the last year.

Thank you for your beautiful initiative to preserve effortless yet unique concepts that our developed world has so often neglected. I am excited to see what ventures i may capture next.

**This roll although heavily inundated with bare landscapes and ocean views, bears a couple photos from one morning i was so ineptly inspired. I walked to the beach early one morning for a swim (around 7am). The beach was completely empty of human presence excluding one elderly woman (roughly in her late 70s) and her labrador pup. The lady seemed so immersed in the bliss of the location that she stripped bare to her bottom and enjoyed a nude swim in the quiet serenity of what is typically a busy part of the small coastal town. Her complete contentment inspired an attitude of reverie to me that i had so long neglected in the busy life that I’m sure we all live. It just reminded me not to forget the simple beautiful things in life, and to slow down and enjoy it while its here.

Thanks for hearing my ramble

– Sarah

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