Georgia B – Roll 1

Indisposable Concept gallery featuring Georgia B. Shot with a disposable camera.

Age: N/A
Where: Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Falls Festival, Byron Bay. AUS
When: January, 2018


Hi there,

Attached is the first roll of film I’ve shared with you. The photos were taken over the period of about a week and can be seen to be divided into two parts. The first part features the events which occurred in the days prior to Falls Festival, and the other images were all taken at the Byron Bay festival. This roll was highly anticipated as I took no more than 10 photos on my phone at the festival, so I had next to no footage of the amazing time I had there. After the 3+ hour car drive home at the end of the festival, still mud stained and no doubt slightly smelly, I was so eager to get the film developed that I detoured to Ted’s Camera House before going home for a much anticipated hot shower. I got the film back that afternoon, before I even began to unpack. It did not disappoint.

Just some additional context, the photos prior to Falls were taken in both Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast (my home). Then of course, the rest were taken at the wonderful Byron Parklands. I think the Indisposable Concept ‘movement’ is fantastic. I’ve been an avid follower since a friend introduced me to your Instagram, and I’m thrilled at the potential prospect of being able to be apart of it.

Georgia Browning

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