Jamie C – Roll 14

Indisposable Concept gallery featuring Jamie C. Shot with a disposable camera.

Age: N/A
Where: Kauai ~ “The Garden Island”
When: December, 2017

We rented a camper van from a local couple and drove that baby through every town on the island- and up to Waimea Canyon – “The Grand Canyon of The Pacific”.  Spent two days on the Kalalau Trail and one night at Polihale State Park.  Every morning we woke up with the roosters and sipped coffee while listening to the waves.  We had daily rains, and with that came rainbows (and waterfalls).  I met some of the sweetest people, and ate the most amazing food at different shops in each town.  This island is a dream! Just might be my favorite.

Hope you enjoy, IC fam!

Instagram: instagram.com/jamie.clark + instagram.com/hawaiidisposables

See more:
Tumblr: indisposableconcept.tumblr.com
Instagram: instagram.com/indisposableconcept
Twitter: twitter.com/iconcept_

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