Lua P – Roll 5

Indisposable Concept gallery featuring Lua P. Shot with a disposable camera.

Age: 18
Where: Splendour In the Grass, 2017. Byron Bay, NSW. AUS
When: August, 2017

Loved having a trusty little disposable to be able to whip out in attempt to capture some of the amazing acts, characters, and overall vibe of splendour! An absolutely epic weekend, which I hope can come through in a few of these shots!! The roll features a few snaps from Tash Sultana, Peking Duk and Client Liaison’s sets, which were some of the highlights of the weekend for me!! The guest artists were a pretty great surprise too, with Peking Duk bringing out Aluna Gorge, which I attempted to capture until someone stuck their arms up in front of me causing the flash to focus on them as the closest object, but it’s all good thats the nature of film photography and splendour!!! Client Liaison brought out Tina Arena, which was pretty insane!! Managed a snap of her performing with them which was pretty cool!

As always thank you so much for creating and hosting this amazing platform for us all to be able to share our creative visions of the world around us, I am so passionate about photography and love knowing that when I shoot disposables, even just for fun, there is somewhere where it can be shared and enjoyed by others all over the world!!!!


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