Anneta – Roll 1

Indisposable Concept gallery featuring Anneta.

Camera used: Disposable camera
Film type:
Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina
When: September, 2016

This series is made from a reality that surrounds me, a way of seeing things. The strangeness in our everyday lives which we accept but when we really think about it we found ourselves wondering or exclaiming various unusual scenes we see every day. The thing that I always liked about this city (Buenos Aires) is that you walk down the street knowing that the people around are strangers, we are all strangers constantly crossing eyes at each other and with those eyes we say a lot of things and emit different judgments.

I think this place is particular because you feel like anything can happen, the diversity is everywhere. I moved to Buenos Aires 6 years ago, all my life I lived in really small city so I was used to find scenes that I already knew or saw. My goal with this project is to be able to express the feeling I have when I see this strange people or places in the street, in the public transport or common places in my day to day life. Is an acceptance and appropriation process.

To me the act of taking pictures is an exercise to see a reflect of yourself through the other person, is an act of communion with the human being, like finding your own nature.

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