Chief B / Undisposable – Gallery 4

Special feature gallery from Chief B/Undisposable. Shot on a disposable camera.

The Undisposable team book unique venues, hire rising producers/DJs and throw epic parties across the USA. They give out disposable cameras to party goers and have them take the photos and capture the experience through their eyes. At the end of the event they get the cameras back and then share the moments on their website. Indisposable Concept wanted to share some of the great work they’re doing and feature some of the awesome photos that are being taken.

This latest gallery is a collection of photos from the last couple months. Mainly pics from the last Undiposable event in an industrial loft with OVO’s newest producer Eric Dingus. This was his first Canadian show, the rest of the pics are just from around Toronto as well.

Where: Toronto, Canada.
When: June, 2014

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Open the gallery by clicking on an image below.

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