Olivier G

Indisposable Concept gallery featuring Olivier G. Shot with a disposable camera.

Age: 33
Where: South-East of France
When: May, 2014

Hi dear indisposable concept, my name is Olivier, I’m 33, and I live in South-East of France. I’m passionate by analog photography, rugby, old video games (I still have my “Nintendo Entertainment System”), cinéma, and a lot of other stuffs. When I heard about “indisposable concept”, I just said to myself, “well, ok, why not, that can be fun!” So, I bought a disposable camera, a “Fujifilm Quicksnap 400 iso”, and I started shooting. I took pictures in my little town, and some places around, places where I love to go, walking, running, biking, taking pictures… So, this is my environment… my little and quiet life. I scanned the pictures myself, and now, I’m sending them to you, I took those pictures during few days, last winter, in January… (I totally forgot to take a selfie… hope it’s ok…)

Instagram: N/A

See more > https://www.facebook.com/IndisposableConcept

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