Alisbeth A – Roll 1

Indisposable Concept gallery featuring Alisbeth A. Shot on a disposable camera.

Age: 21
Where: Ontario, California. USA. Roll was shot in Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga and Mt Baldy, California. USA
When: November, 2013

Instagram: @alisbethalvarez

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Q+A with Alisbeth

1.) How did you find the experience of using the disposable camera? Enjoyable or painful?
I found using a disposable camera really enjoyable. It was nice to change what I have in my hands to something that was and still is more sentimental. I also loved people’s reaction when taking it out to take a photo.

2.) How did it make you feel not being able to see the photos as they were taken and not being able to edit or know what the photos turned out like?
Not being able to see the photo that was being taken made me really nervous! Almost as if I HAD to get another photo to make sure it was taken.

3.) From your roll of film what was your fave image and why?
Out of all the photos I took my favorite has to be of my dog, Orbie, who’s looking down on the wooden fence. The reason being is because he means the world to me (as you can see in my photos). I grew up with him and that photo to me represents his unconditional patience and love. That fence is where I would stick my hand through to pet him before and after I would walk by to go to elementary school across the street when I was 6 years old. Now I’m 21 and in College and to this day he still waits for me by the fence.

4.) Would you be interested in shooting another roll?
YES, already working on roll #2!

5.) Is there anything else we could include or introduce to make the experience more interesting?
No, it’s perfect the way it is.

6.) Did you enjoy the aspect of shooting a selfie?
Kinda, although my selfie didn’t come out when developed I liked directing the person who took it. I just got to remember to put on the flash before handing it over. Hahaha.

7.) What did you think of the outcomes when you saw the final photos?
I was really pleased with some of the photos. This roll definitely taught me the angles and lightings to be able to get a legit photo for roll #2.

8.) Would you approach the concept differently if you had another go?
No I wouldn’t. Taking that one photo at that very moment is what gave me the memories I have of that moment. Taking a different photo to get it to perfection is like changing my memories that have made me who I am. You don’t get another chance to perfect the things that have happened in your life. One may be able to go back to “edit” these stories but they will forever be that ONE shot that gives you the memories, that ONE shot that gives life its meaning.…I hope I made sense.

9.) Would you enter into the concept if it was set up in a competition format with prizes to be won?
In all honesty I wouldn’t, only because of the pressure of capturing the world I love around me would be more difficult. I wouldn’t be able to take a photo of something simple I enjoy without thinking will this win?

10.) Would you like to see your photos presented in a gallery exhibition environment.
Yes, that’d be pretty awesome!


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