Estevan – Roll 1

Indisposable Concept gallery featuring Estevan.

Camera used: Kodak Disposable Camera
Film type: 
Where: California. USA
When: July, 2013

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Q+A with Estevan

1.) How did you find the experience of using the disposable camera? Enjoyable or painful?
I had a blast using the disposable camera.  I felt like I was on an 8th grade field trip again.

2.) How did it make you feel not being able to see the photos as they were taken and not being able to edit or know what the photos turned out like?
I liked not knowing what the outcome of the photo was going to be like.  It made me more cautious of what I shot.  I got used to the digital world of instant gratification.

3.) From your roll of film what was your fave image and why?
It’s a tie between the pic of my roommates having a laugh overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Cambria, CA AND my roommate bombing a hill on our skateboards. We were both going 20 MPH, action shot!

4.) Would you be interested in shooting another roll?
You know it!

5.) Is there anything else we could include or introduce to make the experience more interesting?
Nope, but if you could somehow make disposable cameras cheaper than $14, that would be great. 😉

6.) Did you enjoy the aspect of shooting a selfie?
I did.  I’m always the one shooting photos of my friends and I am never in any of them, the cons of being a photographer.

7.) What did you think of the outcomes when you saw the final photos?
I liked almost all of the photos.  Some were accidentally taken in my pocket. :-/

8.) Would you approach the concept differently if you had another go?
Yes.  Don’t use up half of the roll in 2 days.

9.) Would you enter into the concept if it was set up in a competition format with prizes to be won?
Sure, but I wouldn’t want to pay to enter.  Just submit and maybe win a ‘pack-of-5 disposable cameras.

10.) Would you like to see your photos presented in a gallery exhibition environment.
That would be pretty sweet.

11.) Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?
I like what you guys are doing.  I’ve been wanting to get back into shooting film with my SLR and this project motivated me!

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