Geoffrey E – Roll 1

Indisposable Concept gallery featuring Geoffrey E. Shot on a disposable camera.

Age: 42
Where: Las Vegas > San Francisco > Las Vegas. USA.
When: February, 2014


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I found you on Instagram awhile back (my handle is @sadkids on IG) and decided to shoot a roll. I shot using the FujiFilm QuickSnap (400 ISO) disposable camera in Las Vegas > San Francisco > Las Vegas!

1.) How did you find the experience of using the disposable camera?
Enjoyable. It was small enough to keep in my back pocket so I took it everywhere.

2.) How did it make you feel not being able to see the photos as they were taken and not being able to edit or know what the photos turned out like?
It takes me back to when I used to shoot film regularly. It’s exciting to look forward to see what’s on the roll.

3.) From your roll of film what was your fave image and why?
I really like the balloon/window/reflection taken in SF. It came out better than I expected and looks almost like a double exposure.

4.) Would you be interested in shooting another roll?

5.) Is there anything else we could include or introduce to make the experience more interesting?
Not that I can think of…

6.) Did you enjoy the aspect of shooting a selfle?
I did, but the last 2 images on the roll came out black, and it was the LAST one!

7.) What did you think of the outcomes when you saw the final photos?
Never know what to expect from a disposable. Was better quality than I expected.

8.) Would you approach the concept differently if you had another go?
Maybe once I figure out the limitations and abilities of the camera I’ll change up the concept.

9.) Would you enter into the concept if it was set up in a competition format with prizes to be won?

10.) Would you like to see your photos presented in a gallery exhibition environment.

11.) Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?
Thanks for doing the project!

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