Jess J – Roll 1

Indisposable Concept gallery featuring Jess J.

Camera used: Kodak Disposable Camera
Film type: @
Where: Sunshine Coast, QLD. AUS
When: March, 2013

Instagram: @jkjstne

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Q+A with Jess

1.) How did you find the experience of using the disposable camera? Enjoyable or painful?
I loved it! It’s so strange that for half my life i took photo’s this way but i found it so disconcerting for the first 5 shots or so that i couldn’t review them. I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to a Gen Y. It was so cool seeing them developed and thinking ‘oh yeah i took that’ it’s so crazy how easy it is to forget days.

2.) How did it make you feel not being able to see the photos as they were taken and not being able to edit or know what the photos turned out like?
Oh whoops! Already answered that!

3.) From your roll of film what was your fave image and why?
It’s hard to pick one but i think the mountain in the rearview mirror because i was driving up the hill one day and thought ‘yes that’s a photo’ then executed it a couple of days later and it turned out exactly as i wanted, which is extremely hard with a disposable!

4.) Would you be interested in shooting another roll?
YES! i would like to give one to a 5 year old and see what she comes up with 🙂

5.) Is there anything else we could include or introduce to make the experience more interesting?
Just the taking of notes, i was going to do it but then i wondered if i was just being a wanker.

6.) Did you enjoy the aspect of shooting a selfie?
No, daunting, i tried it in the mirror and forgot to hold my finger over the flash. That was the one that worried me the most and i am a ‘two face” (refer to Seinfeld)

7.) What did you think of the outcomes when you saw the final photos?
I wished i had taken a few a little further away as they were blurry & i am annoyed i wasted my last photo on suggestive dinner arrangements as i was saving it to get one of Lara, my boyfriends daughter.

8.) Would you approach the concept differently if you had another go?
I’d probably get more creative i think, and more people in situation shots. I love the one of Scotty in our temporary office. It’s so ugly and random and he’s just sitting there in sunnies for some reason doing stuff it’s a memory. I tried to get a shot from the shower of Catty playing ‘grab the finger’ but the steam messed up the lense.

9.) Would you enter into the concept if it was set up in a competition format with prizes to be won?
Maybe, but i think that would take that away from it. Comps are a dime a dozen & people would shoot to win, nothing would be genuine.

10.) Would you like to see your photos presented in a gallery exhibition environment.
Hell yes! It would be amazing to see all the photos you have collected all together and meet all the people. I’d say animal shots would take up 70%.

11.) Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?
OK OK here is the writing from the blurry photo where i tried to capture my thoughts:

“At this point in our lives, on our journey creating our home we are in a constant state of future. Yet I have no doubt we will look back and yearn for these ‘good old days’. “

Cool idea Stuey!

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