Meet Nicole Christodoulou

We call it the #ICMEETSERIES and thought it would be interesting to find out a bit more about the people behind the disposables. We asked a few IC contributors to tell us a bit about themselves and this is what we got in return…


Nicole Christodoulou

Who are you?
Nicole Christodoulou, 18yrs/old

Where’s home?
Wherever good company is (or syd NSW-AUS)

What do you do for a crust?
Currently a uni student studying design and photography but working for General Pants and Co. casual.

Can you tell us about your creative background?
I’ve always loved film and photography, just the purity and natural side of taking a roll and developing is awesome.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?
“Just do it, you might not be here tomorrow.”

What do you do with your free time?
Paint, take photos, discover new music and watch films.

Tips for making your ideas and dreams come to life…
Just get it done. The more you uhmm and ahh the less time you’ve got to do it. Even if you reckon it’s stupid you’ll be one step ahead of the guy that’s still sitting there.

What inspires you to shoot film?
The excitement when receiving the roll back after developing. Not knowing wether you managing to get that perfectly timed shot or not.

Analogue Vs Digital? What do you prefer and why?
Analogue all the way. It places such a higher level of value on each image you take instead of snapping away with the ability to edit and reposition the entire shot.

It seems film photography and disposables are making a comeback, why do you think that is?
Because of projects like this and the emerging acceptance of individualism in society which is bringing back vintage clothes and simpler times.

If someone destroyed all the disposable cameras in the world and you had the very last one, what would you capture?
I’d probably be carrying that camera with me everywhere I go and just know when and where the perfect moments to capture would be, so I couldn’t tell ya.

What does the future hold for you?
I definitely want to travel around the world with my camera. That would be the dream…

How would you describe your photographic style?
I don’t think I’ve mastered a style yet to be able to title it.

Who or what influences you creatively?
My teachers, my peers. There are so many photographers out there with their own styles that are f*ckin amazing I’m just continuously gathering ideas.

Where do you find inspiration?
Nature, both human nature and the world around. Just the way people interact with each other and our ways of living I find so interesting.

What’s the biggest issue facing the world right now?
Love, in all its forms.

Worry less about….?
What other people think.

Focus more on….?
Who you are and finding out your interests and passions. Go with your gut.

Fave place to shoot?
The beach, festivals, drunk nights with mates.

5 at 5… (For lack of a better name)

5 Instagram accounts that inspire you?
1. @yasminsuteja
2. @anderson._paak
3. @brahmino
4. @julian_kingma
5. @magnumphotos

5 things we need to watch on Netflix?
1. Girlboss
2. Man on Wire
3. Sing Street
4. Moonrise Kingdom
5. Rick and Morty

5 blogs/websites we need to follow?
1. (mums jewellery site we got some good stuff ahah)

5 favourite places to eat/drink?
1. The Corner Peakhurst NSW
2. Kazarma Mykonos
3. Grill’d Miranda (always a good feed)
4. Yiati Oxi Santorini
5. My grandmas kitchen

5 places on planet earth you’d like to capture with your disposable?
1. Tangalooma (childhood island we would go to every year and haven’t been for so long)
2. Limnos, Greece – Village where my yiayia (grandma) is from
3. New Zealand
4. New York
5. Japan