Meet Harry Brooks

We call it the #ICMEETSERIES and thought it would be interesting to find out a bit more about the people behind the disposables. We asked a few IC contributors to tell us a bit about themselves and this is what we got in return…

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Kathy Drasky – I am a 20 something guy from England.

Where’s home?
Home is Portland, OR. Current residence is the East Midlands in England.

Can you tell us about your creative background?
When I was growing up I was surrounded by musicians. My grandfather and uncle are brass band conductors, my dad owned a record store and I grew up spending all my time in there. I naturally followed suit and began playing instruments and playing in bands, spending most days writing music (still do). I try to surround myself with creative people as often as I can. Musicians, artists, poets, and photographers.

What inspires you to shoot film?
Whilst the digital age is now, analogue is timeless and never goes out of style.

Do you remember what was in the first roll of film you shot for IC?
From what I remember, there was a terrible photo of my face.

What is your fav photo that you’ve shot for IC? Tell us a bit about it.
I have a fair few, but instead I’ll name my most recent. I went to a show in London to see a band called Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes, it was their album release show and it was promised to be a one to remember. Anyhow, 30 minutes into Franks set, he had cut his head open and was bleeding copious amounts of blood. Without thinking or even looking at what I was taking a photo of, I took a photo. When I got the film back all the photos looked terrifying and raw. Frank even saw the photo I was talking about and used it on his own Instagram.

It seems film photography and disposables are making a comeback, why do you think that is?
I think we are inundated with images online all day/night long. Not only does everyone have a mobile phone with a camera, too many people upload without editing. I don’t mean using apps – I mean too many people don’t think about editing and curating their social media feeds because it’s just so easy to snap and post, snap and post. With film you have to be more economical and thoughtful. Since most of us sold our film cameras, disposables are an affordable way to get back into film. There’s also a nice delay with film. You have to wait to see your image. The distance between the time the image is made and developed, it provides a different, more artistic perspective.

If someone destroyed all the disposable cameras in the world and you had the very last one, what would you capture?
OMG – that would be too big a responsibility to bear. There wouldn’t be much meaning in the world without disposables, so I guess I’d sell this last one on eBay to the highest bidder and go out with a bang.

What does 2016 hold for you?
I finish full time education in a few months. Then afterwards, I’ll be heading to America, doing some tours and moving away from the UK.

Explain your style/approach when shooting a roll.
Point, shoot, hope for the best.

Who or what influences you creatively?

Where do you find inspiration?
Friends, family.