Meet Faith Hinkson

We call it the #ICMEETSERIES and thought it would be interesting to find out a bit more about the people behind the disposables. We asked a few IC contributors to tell us a bit about themselves and this is what we got in return…



Faith Hinkson

Who are you?
Faith Hinkson.

Where’s home?
A couple places. Originally from Oregon, right now home is NYC.

What do you do for a crust?
Design Studio Coordinator, Creative Services – Calvin Klein.

Can you tell us about your creative background?
It’s kind of all over the place. I’ve done every job from merchandising to styling to P.A. work. I also went to school for apparel design but don’t use that much anymore. Photography is strictly a hobby. I guess overall I enjoy visual aesthetics and creating things.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?
Trust your instincts – you’ll never lead yourself astray.

What do you do with your free time?
What free time?

Tips for making your ideas and dreams come to life…
I mean, you just gotta do it. Less talking and more action. Decide on your end goal, however big or small, and find the vehicle that will take you there. Stay positive and the rest falls into place.

What inspires you to shoot film?
For me, not unlike most people, film is nostalgic. I don’t shoot disposables because I think I’m some great artist or have this innate talent; it’s just genuinely sentimental for me. I remember growing up and taking road trips with my family and feeling this huge anticipation to see the photos from our disposables once the trip was over. I am the youngest of seven and my mother was a waitress so obviously we weren’t jet setting around the globe. The photos we brought back from our humble family outings were special. Now whenever we are able to get together we go through old photo albums, and there’s always a lot of emotion. It’s a powerful medium, for lack of a better term.

How did you come to connect with Indisposable Concept?
I found you guys on Instagram.

How did you find the experience of using the disposable camera? Enjoyable or painful?
It’s always enjoyable, and I like anticipating the photos. I shoot about a roll a week because I don’t have time or patience right now to lug my digital around, but still feel the need to keep taking pictures somehow. With my busy schedule disposables have been my saving grace.

How did it make you feel not being able to see the photos as they were taken and not being able to edit or know what the photos turned out like?
Everything in our society is about instant gratification and I bloody hate it. Authenticity has taken a major decline as well and with disposables neither of those things are an issue. You take your photo, you take it once. You wait to see it. If it turns out good, great. If it didn’t; oh well. With digital I take so many photos of one thing…. Different angles, subtle light variations, etc.. Then I drive myself nuts picking the perfect shot and editing it forever. I’d almost rather jump off a bridge than go through the process of editing a digital shoot.

Analogue Vs Digital?
I feel like this is an unfair question. I like photography, that’s it. The choice between analogues vs. digital is so situational for me. I mean everything is cyclical, and analogue is such a trend right now. The problem with trends is what was once ubiquitous quickly becomes obsolete, so I try not to get stuck on what’s ‘in’. There are positives to both, so I can’t really answer that definitively. It’s an art form. It’s like asking “oils or acrylics?” Well, what are we painting.

It seems film photography and disposables are making a comeback, why do you think that is?
Like I said, everything is cyclical. There is so much new technology coming out at rapid fire it’s hard to keep up. There was probably a wave of nostalgia and everyone was like ‘wait, remember these? They still work right?’

If someone destroyed all the disposable cameras in the world and you had the very last one, what would you capture?
People. I am fascinated by people and human interaction. Strangers, friends, family members, pretty, ugly…. Candid or completely posed. I would just try to capture some sort of emotion.

What Does 2016 hold for you?
Oh gosh, it’s almost over. I moved to New York from the West Coast about a year and a half ago and I’ve learned a lot…. About myself and this city, what’s important and how to prioritize when there are a million things going on and still somehow finding time to do what makes me happy. It was such a positive year.

How would you describe your photographic style?
Casual. Trying to find the in-between moments.

Who or what influences you creatively?
I’m indecisive… my inspiration today might not be my inspiration tomorrow. I just try to have ever changing sources so as to not get caught in any sort of rut. I enjoy trying to understand a concept in one visual field (such as architecture or interior design) and then somehow employ those elements into another visual field like say a photo or even an outfit. If you’re open minded you can find creativity anywhere.

Where do you find inspiration?
I try to be an observant person so inspiration will come easy to me. I work in a very creativity driven atmosphere and we are constantly in search of new ideas to implement. Sometimes I’ll throw an idea into the mix that I know isn’t quite “there” just to start a conversation. You never know what something can lead to. It’s about being open and looking at things from multiple perspectives!

What’s the biggest issue facing the world right now?
Pin pointing the answer to that question is literally impossible and I don’t even want to try. However I do think the world would benefit greatly if we all took the time to realize our own insignificance and be grateful. And I don’t mean to sound bitter in saying that. There are a lot of things happening all around us and outside of our own little bubbles…. It’s time to wake up.

Worry less about….? Focus more on….?
Worry lees about the opinions of others. Focus more on…. yourself.

Fave place to shoot?

5 at 5… (For lack of a better name)

5 photos from history you wish you’d taken…
1. Four ladies on a bench by Steven Meisel
2. Boy with hand grenade by Diane Arbus
3. Horse Neck by Steven Klein
4. The photo of the boy with his shirt in a full nelson fashion from in The American West series by Richard Avedon
5. An American Girl in Italy by Ruth Orkin

5 people you’d like to photograph?

5 books you wish you’d written?
1. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
2. Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris
3. Choke by Chuck Palahniuk
4. The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe
5. anything written by Patti Smith

5 people you’d invite around for drinks and dinner?
1. Goldie Hawn
2. Jennifer Lawrence
3. David Letterman
4. Howard Stern
5. Larry David

5 go to songs to get you in the mood?
I’m always in the mood.