Meet Brittany Kelley

We call it the #ICMEETSERIES and thought it would be interesting to find out a bit more about the people behind the disposables. We asked a few IC contributors to tell us a bit about themselves and this is what we got in return…


Brittany Kelley

Who are you?
My name is Brittany Kelley.  I am a design graduate and amateur photographer from Oklahoma.  I love to make people laugh, and I love animals!

Where’s home?
Tulsa, Ok.

What do you do for a crust?
I am currently a tech writer for American Airlines, a PSR for a Tulsa urgent care, and a freelance photographer and designer (I sorta kinda like to be busy).

Can you tell us about your creative background?
I started drawing as a child.  It started out as a hobby (I used to draw the characters from the film Titanic, no joke! Haha).  That hobby really transformed as I grew older, right into a BFA in fact!

Best advice you’ve ever been given?
I have been given some great advice throughout the years, but the ones that stick with me the most are the most simplistic, yet the most effective.  One piece of advice I have been given is to keep working hard towards your passion, even when discouraged, because your time will eventually come.  I have also been told to not be afraid to do your own thing, even if it’s not what everyone else is doing.  My Dad has also given me some great advice growing up.

What do you do with your free time?
When free time presents itself, which is rare, I like to draw or shoot photos of abandoned places for fun.  I am also extremely close to my family, so I like to spend time with both them, and my boyfriend.

Tips for making your ideas and dreams come to life…
Keep a strong work ethic and never stop learning.  I tell myself that tough times are going to happen, but so will good times.  I saw this quote once that said “tough times never last, but tough people do”.  I try to keep that in the back of my mind whenever I am facing something troubling.

What inspires you to shoot film?
Seeing old photos of my parents and grandparents first inspired me to shoot film.

How did you come to connect with Indisposable Concept?
I started a series not too long ago, a series where I put away my digital camera and shot only disposable cameras. Through some research, I stumbled across your website, and immediately I was hooked.

How did you find the experience of using the disposable camera? Enjoyable or painful?
Very enjoyable.

When shooting with disposables/film, how does it make you feel not being able to see the photos as they are taken?
It’s exciting!  Mostly because getting the photos back felt a bit like Christmas morning, full of surprise!

Analogue Vs Digital? What do you prefer and why?
I do love and appreciate the digital age, but I am going to have to say analog.  I feel like analog is special and has realness to it.  That realness doesn’t always present itself in the digital age.

It seems film photography and disposables are making a comeback, why do you think that is?
I think it’s the obsession with nostalgia to be quite honest.  It feels like a lot of us are looking for many of the simple pleasures we remember from the past.  For me, disposables bring back memories from my childhood.  From road trips, to shooting photos with my sister (and pretending we were models), the disposable camera has always been a special tool.

If someone destroyed all the disposable cameras in the world and you had the very last one, what would you capture?
The people that I love, hopefully on a road trip to a place we have never been.

What does the future hold for you?
A year full of hard work and hustle.  I also want to enjoy the things I care about, like creating artwork, but I don’t want to force it.  I want to enjoy the creative process without stressing what other people think about it.  I also really want to go to Ireland sometime soon!

How would you describe your photographic style?
All over the place!  I wouldn’t have it any other way though!  I am inspired by a lot and I don’t believe I should hold that back just because my work is not heavily stylized (that’s just not me).  That is the cool thing about art; there aren’t a lot of rules.

Who or what influences you creatively?
Photography wise, I am inspired by Ansel Adams, Eric Kim, Annie Leibovitz, and Chuck Grant.  I am also inspired by people of different cultures and backgrounds, abandoned places, architecture, animals, and much more.

Where do you find inspiration?
Going to places I have never been.  I feel refreshed and inspired to try something new and exciting.

What’s the biggest issue facing the world right now?
Lack of love for one another, unfortunately.

Worry less about….?
Worry less about recognition.

Focus more on….?
Focus more on happiness money and power cannot buy.

Fave place to shoot?
Abandoned places, the mountains, unique buildings, and Tulsa!

5 at 5… (For lack of a better name)

5 Instagram accounts that inspire you?
1. @erickimphoto
2. @natgeo
4. @yourgirlchuck
5. @lindstrom.emma

5 things we need to watch on Netflix?
1. Stranger Things
2. American Horror Story
3. Peaky Blinders
4. The OA
5. Minimalism – A Documentary about the Important Things.

5 blogs/websites we need to follow?

5 favourite places to eat/drink?
1. Fire-Up Pizzeria (Durango, Co.)
2. Tacos Don Francisco (Tulsa, Ok.)
3. Umberto’s Pizzeria (Tulsa, Ok.)
4. The Max (Tulsa, Ok.)
5. Pops (Arcadia, Ok.).

5 places on planet earth you’d like to capture with your disposable?
1. The Egyptian Pyramids
2. The Colosseum (Rome, Italia)
3. anywhere in Ireland
4. The abandoned city of Varosha (Famagusta)
5. and, (last but not least) the Titanic at the bottom of the Atlantic.