Contributing in 4 Easy Steps


The #1 Disposable Camera project in the world with over 1600 rolls shot and contributed so far! 1 roll of film, 1 week, 24 moments. Armed with one roll of film from a disposable camera you have one week and approximately 24 opportunities to capture the indisposable world around you. See the INFO PACK for everything you need to know.

Indisposable Concept is open to anyone willing to get involved. Email us anytime for any reason at

Contribute to Indisposable Concept in four easy steps.

1. Buy a disposable camera
Available from various locations including Big W, Officeworks, Chemists etc.
(Retail around $5 – $15 AUS)

2. Download & Print the Info Pack.
Available in PDF from the website HERE!

3. Photograph the world around you.
Spend the week capturing the indisposable world around you.

4. Post the camera to us or email the digital files.
Once the week is up post your camera with film and name attached to
Alternatively you can email the digital files
(available on disk when you get the film developed) to

Contact us to get involved:

See more: @indisposableconcept #indisposableconcept @iconcept_

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