Koen Van Rijn – Roll 1

Indisposable Concept gallery featuring Koen Van Rijn.

Camera used: Yashica 24 
Film type:
Portra 400 120 film 12 photos
Where: South of France and in Spain
When: August, 2019

This is my first 120 film developed.

At this moment I study photography at the Art academie in Rotterdam (Willem de Kooning academie).

The photo projects at the academie are always needed to be a hard/deep thinking concepts, where I got a bit tired of because I was thinking more about stuff and making less photos.

So I am really happy with the concept of Indisposable!

Something about me:
Koen van Rijn is a visual artist, creative and photographer. He is interested in people, systems and society. In his works he uses social connotations to give a new context to the value of materials, objects, rules and regulations, often with a sense of humour.

Instagram: @kn.vrn
Flickr: koenvanrijn.myportfolio.com

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