Naomi H – Roll 1

Indisposable Concept gallery featuring Naomi H. Shot with a disposable camera.

Age: 22
Where: Perth Airport // Melbourne // The Great Ocean Road // & Perth Again. AUS
When: December, 2017

My instagram:
Taja’s Instagram: @tajdurham
Jack’s Instagram: @jackpfarr 

Our week with Taja // Flying. Catching up. Op-shopping. Road tripping. Waterfalling. Camping. Clothes washing. Paint-balling. Dressing up. Drinking. Karaoking. Hung over cocktailing. Sun bathing. Dancing. Tattooing. Pooling. Eating. Farewelling. Home.

My name is Naomi, I’m 22, I live in Perth W.A, & this roll was from a trip my mate Jack and I took to visit our awesome friend Taja who was living in Melbourne. We spent a week with her in Brunswick & a couple of days roadtripping on the Great Ocean Road.

Thanks so much for this opportunity to get involved! I love what you guys do! I actually started shooting film because of disposable cameras, so I have a huge soft spot for them. In 2016 for my 21st party, I bought a bunch of them, but they didn’t all get used on the night. I started shooting them just around the house, or on the way to the bus, or at uni, just really normal stuff, to use them up & I just fell in love with the whole process. They were photos of normal shit in my life which alot of the time I would never really have taken photos of. Or if I had taken digital pictures of them, they would sit on my phone, and eventually get moved to a file on my harddrive, and never looked at again. But with the disposables, I cherished them, and each time I got a camera developed was like Christmas, not knowing what was going to turn out or not, and half the time not actually remembering what I’d photographed. But I think the really special part of them was, when it comes down to it, the little stupid things I was photographing were my life & the things I loved the most, and now I look back on them and see all these moments I’ve documented and they’re so real to me, they’re not just the photos of big occasions when we’re all dressed up and posing, and I just think how lucky I am to have been able to capture that.

Anyways! That wasn’t supposed to turn into a whole big dramatic message, I just wanted to say thankyou 🙂

With love,

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