Nick P – Roll 1

Indisposable Concept gallery featuring Nick P. Shot on a disposable camera.

Age: 29
Where: New York City, NY. USA
When: March, 2014

So I stumbled across your awesome concept a week or so before I moved to New York City and thought it would be a great idea to participate. The only problem, I moved here during the worst winter the city has seen in somewhere around 50 years. This means pretty much no sunny days. That, mixed with tons of whisky to warm me up, and the results you get are about half of the pictures on the roll to actually produce some images. I knew some of the pictures probably wouldn’t show up, but I still snapped away…well because whisky made me do it haha. I decided to still send this your way, even though I think the images are not great. Luckily I picked up more than one disposable camera because I knew I’d screw up the first one. Spring time is supposed to be beautiful in the city, so I will be sending another roll Indisposable’s way. An actual, legitimate roll of images instead of me just stumbling around city snapping pictures of friends and strangers. The best part about doing this was seeing everyone’s reaction when you bust out a disposable camera at a bar. Nick Padula

Instagram: @nicholaspadula

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Instagram: @indisposableconcept

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