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Q+A with Melissa

1.) How did you find the experience of using the disposable camera? Enjoyable or painful?
It’s fun because it’s so rare to see people use disposable cameras these days when everyone has smartphones. What also makes it fun is that you have to wait for the photo to be developed before you actually see the image you have.

2.) How did it make you feel not being able to see the photos as they were taken and not being able to edit or know what the photos turned out like?
It’s a little bit annoying actually. You don’t know whether you got everything you wanted to capture in the frame, and you don’t know how good the lighting is.  You just have to wait and see.

3.) From your roll of film what was your fave image and why?
I’m tossing between the photo of the orange ladder and the yellow machinery photo. These two photos I quite like because of the grainy look they have.

4.) Would you be interested in shooting another roll?

5.) Is there anything else we could include or introduce to make the experience more interesting?

6.) Did you enjoy the aspect of shooting a selfie?
No, not particular. I’m not a fan of selfies in general but especially with disposable cameras, the camera is way too close to your face – at most at arms lengths away – and you have no idea how good or bad you look in the photo until the film is developed.

7.) What did you think of the outcomes when you saw the final photos?
They didn’t look as good and artistic as I imagined they would be when I took the photos. I showed them to a few of my friends and they seemed rather unimpressed. But what I do like about the photos I took is that there is a little story about that moment behind each and every one of them which make them special.

8.) Would you approach the concept differently if you had another go?
I would probably be more selective with the photos I take so they look prettier.

9.) Would you enter into the concept if it was set up in a competition format with prizes to be won?
Yes of course! I did this voluntarily because it looked fun, so there’s no reason not to do it if there were more incentives like that.

10.) Would you like to see your photos presented in a gallery exhibition environment.
Yes, sure!

11.) Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?
Thanks for everything! This project was very fun to do.

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